Cure Separation Anxiety In Children?


If you are currently binded by the spell of separation anxiety in children then we have an exciting new solution for you which you can get started with today and you’ll be able to stop your child suffering almost immediately…

It is called The Anxiety-Free Child Program and has been created by a child cognitive behavior expert called Rich Presta. He has been helping hundreds of parents move past the separation anxiety phase of parenthood and I’m willing to hazard a bet that he can do the same for you.

Rich states that he can help anyone overcome separation anxiety in children and even backs that up with an 8 week money back guarantee so you can get the help you very much need at no risk.

He goes onto say that his formula for freeing you and your child of separation anxiety works faster and easier than you could ever of imagined possible and he has a whole host of success stories on the website to back that statement up.

The course will show you:

  • The 4 techniques that bring anxiety to a grinding halt
  • How your child can quickly clear their head of negative irrational thoughts
  • A few simple exercises that will teach your child how to deal with anxiety and stress forever
  • How to break the cycle of fear
  • Why what you’re doing now is making your child’s anxiety worse
  • Exactly how your child can turn off anxiety at the flick of a switch
  • Why if you didn’t get this course your child would suffer for life

and much more without using “magic potions”, hypnosis or miracle cures which we all know do not work.

Right now your child is suffering, no child should have to live in fear when there is a simple cure available today. It is your duty as a parent to ensure your child’s happiness and I can assure you that helping your child overcome his or her anxiety will be a very rewarding experience for you.

Click Here To Visit The Official Anxiety-Free Child Website

Final note – Do you really want this sort of thing going on months from now and have the affects of separation anxiety imbedded in your child for their teenage years and adulthood? Of course not, so make sure you take action today because the longer you leave it the harder it gets, on you and your child.

What Causes Separation Anxiety In Children?


Right now you may be wondering what exactly you have done to of ended up with a child with separation anxiety. The truth is sometimes even if you do everything right a child can still feel a little too attached and develop an anxiety disorder so do not be to hard on yourself.

With that said there are plenty of other reasons a child can develop separation anxiety and just to give you a better understanding of why and how it happens we are going to take a closer look into this right now…

Many parents start to believe that their child’s separation anxiety has something to do with them and they now feel guilty. Maybe it was your friends 40th birthday party you attended, maybe you believe you have been working to late lately or maybe it is something in the same vain. What you must remember is like any stage of child development, you just need to be patient.

In their early years children rely so heavily on their parents it is something they become accustomed to so of course when you take that first step away they are going to be feeling a little bit sorry for themselves. As the old saying goes “it is all part of growing up”.

Don’t pressure yourself to live your life around your child’s separation anxiety, the worst thing you can do right now is give in to their demands. Although it may seem hard they certainly won’t thank you for it in a few years time.

Nearly all separation anxiety is caused by some sort of stress. We should note that to children stress is a very new raw emotion and therefore they can all deal with it in very different ways.

Some will throw giant tantrums in the middle of the supermarket, others will allow their subconscious to run free causing nightmares and some will even become irrational with their thoughts. Although none of the above is your fault or has anything to do with your parenting (yes, really) you still need to solve the problem so start doing that today!

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What Is Separation Anxiety In Children?


In the modern day separation anxiety in children is all to common. It is now believed that most children suffer from it at one point point or another on their journey to their teenage years. Whilst you will probably be pleased to hear it is fairly common, I am only talking about mild symptoms of separation anxiety. If you came to this website today looking for some definitive answers then make sure you got them because the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get rid of.

What Is Separation Anxiety In Children?

Although the answer may seem obvious too you, it isn’t to everyone so I am just going to make it very clear about what separation anxiety actually is. Separation anxiety is where the child becomes overly stressed/agitated when they spend time away from their primary carer. For most, this is you the parent but in some cases it could be the nanny as well.

This form of anxiety is not exclusive to children. It can also be found in adults too. When someone becomes too attached to their safe place or a person they begin to develop a phobia and this is something that can happen at any age.

Separation Anxiety In Children Symptoms

  • The child complains of headaches/illness which you believe to be fake
  • The child throws serious temper tantrums when you try to leave
  • The child shows unusual concern about being kidnapped/taken away by strangers
  • The child seems to be paranoid about safety
  • The child is afraid that the parent/nanny may die
  • The child is completely afraid of being alone (even in a different room)
  • The child suffers from frequent nightmares involving the above
  • The child cannot sleep without the parent present

If you feel that any of the above sounds a lot like what you are going through at home then please take some action on solving the problem today. Children who suffer from separation anxiety statistically are far more likely to end up as troubled teenagers and adults and as a parent this is not something you want on your conscience when an easy solution is readily available…

Click Here To Visit The Official Anxiety-Free Child Website

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